At Westfield Transport we operate secure, CCTV monitored, pest controlled, clean and dry storage facilities for both floor stacked and palletised; racked products. We store raw materials until our clients recall their inventory for processing in showrooms/ factories/ sites or we store goods that have been through the factory/ manufacturing process until they are called off/ sold.

Temporary or Long Term Storage

Our storage services are offered either temporarily or long term. We hold for as little as a couple of days; for companies that have had a delay in delivering into the county all the way through the spectrum to clients that require storage on a long term basis.

Handling Curtains or Containers

Although we bring goods in and out of the county to our storage premises; we are also well equipped to handle product coming in from our customers suppliers or customers’ customers and will load goods efficiently and safely onto vehicles that are sent to us, with the flexibility of dealing with a family business.

We also have a container bay so tipping or loading containers is no problem. We can do this quickly and safer ensuring there are no additional fees on top of your transport costs for demurrage.

Container Handling

We have the capacity to load and unload all vehicles that are sent to us. Not only do we have correctly trained forklift operatives to load/ unload flatbed and curtain sided trailers; we also have a reverse bay for containers so we can efficiently tip/ load with the additional ability to lift and handle 20ft and 40ft containers.

Outside Storage

If you have a requirement to store containers or machinery outdoors that doesn’t have to be inside in dry storage then a more economical rate is provided for outdoor storage. Our customers will still benefit from the secure fencing and CCTV operation but without the expense of indoor storage with pallet racking. Whether its empty pallets, containers, boats, machinery or vehicles we really have the space and ability to tailor a package.

Fulfilment Service

From the warehouse to the end user. We pick and pack items from storage, with the ability to use numbers from our customers; and deliver on tracked, state of the art vehicles to the customer adhering to timed bookings or booking slots. Allowing our customers  to concentrate on their business and know that the finished goods are in safe hands. We utilise the ability to tap into any corner of the world with our award winning PalletForce membership ( click to find out more).

If this sounds like the full package to you then please call today and ask to speak with someone regarding storage options!


Westfield Transport Cornwall Ltd

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We will transport anything from palletised goods to heavy plant, machinery and aggregates. We transport raw materials or products to wholesalers but also deliver direct to the end user for various customers.