Storage in Cornwall

Feeding the Factory

It seems that nowadays storage is a vital part of any manufacturing facility or online sales business. Raw materials to feed factory/ production, finished stock or decanting and handling shipping containers of product, we do it all and are getting busier due to the equipment we provide and our capabilities and trusted reputation. We have pallet racking to securely stow away product until they are required, either temporarily or long term. We offer a daily consolidated service to all our customers throughout Cornwall. It is far easier for an organised production line to call in raw materials, stock and packaging from forecasts the day or night before it is due to be used, than having pallets sitting around the factory causing confusion, risking damage, limiting space and causing health and safety issues. Our partners are able to cherry pick exactly what is required and exactly how much of it from our 30,000 square foot storage facility based in the heart of our beloved Cornwall. This can then be delivered any time to enable forecasts to materialise to perfection.

Floor space Storage

Not all freight can be stored in pallet racking. We’re finding a lot of businesses are now taking advantage of the floor space we offer. If stackable or just simply bulky goods then this is a very efficient way to store and is extremely popular. It may just be chep pallets or large machinery and can also be put in outdoor storage to save costs even further. We reduce handling and the chance of damage wherever possible. Our indoor storage or outdoor storage facility goes hand in hand with our busy fleet of southwest curtain sided transport.

From Warehouse to End User

The pinnacle of the whole process is ensuring the finished goods get to the end customer on time safely. We take the product out of storage, using reference numbers from our customers; and deliver on tracked, state of the art vehicles to the customer adhering to timed bookings or booking slots. Presentation is key so we like to think our trucks look the part in our famous black and white livery, reinforced with Cornish heritage. If it is a small consignment and doesn’t require an artic delivery then it can be facilitated through our award winning PalletForce pallet network, whom we have been a proud member since 2003. Either way, the finished goods are in safe hands.


In a nutshell, we collect raw materials or stock from anywhere in the U.K or Europe; back to our secure, CCTV monitored, pest controlled, clean and dry storage facility. We then store until our clients need to recall their inventory for processing OR we collect finished goods from the factory/ manufacturing premises; store them until they are ordered or sold and transport safely to the end client with fully tracked and well-presented vehicles. Providing services to Cornish manufacturing for over 40 years.

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Westfield Transport Cornwall Ltd

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We will transport anything from palletised goods to heavy plant, machinery and aggregates. We transport raw materials or products to wholesalers but also deliver direct to the end user for various customers.