Bulk Tipper Haulage

Diversifying Our Business in Road Haulage

In 2009; after 30+ years of specialising in General transport and mostly pallet distribution; Robert Walker the Managing Director decided to branch out into bulk tipper transport to safeguard the future of the business.

It is no secret that the early 00’s saw a lot of large businesses in the area struggling for various reasons, especially in the manufacturing industry. Perhaps it was a little mixture of reduced government funding in Cornwall and a new era of regulations being enforced where they perhaps weren’t before; but then the world financial crash in 2008 made the situation far worse. We lost a lot of clients at the time and something had to be done. The tipping trailer proved to be a great addition to the fleet which already boasts curtain sided transport, flatbed and low loader transport and also at one time, refrigerated transport.

Business Growth

At first it was slow. With a little help from other bulk hauliers such as Harts Haulage in Redruth, Makin Transport of York and Wains Transport of Cullompton; we were able to get the wheels turning on our tipping trailer in August 2009 and before long we had some regular jobs.

Fast forward 5 Years and we had a growing bulk fleet of 5 Scania tractor units that were adding to the 50 strong Tautliner enterprise. It was a steep learning curve for us; distributing 29T loads of sand, aggregate and clay all over the U.K and Europe. We acquired many accreditations along the way. We became Tascc and Fias operators and more recently FORS Bronze. Tascc enables us to carry animal feed and product that is to make its way into the human food chain.

To Infinity and Beyond

After running the bulk haulage division in Cornwall for the last 15 years on his own, in the last couple of years Robert has now gained the help of Steve Hodson. Steve; an exemplary driver himself, a former traffic administrator and also originally an operator, is well respected in the industry and will hopefully aid the fleet in the right direction with his valuable knowledge and experience.

Hard work and dedication. Now 14 tipping trailers and growing. The tractor units are mainly Scania 450 with the help of 2 Mercedes Actros vehicles acquired in 2014 carrying product from every corner of the country to and from the South West, working in and out of bulk stores and quarries, mostly in Cornwall. It is not the largest fleet of tippers but it enables us to take on contracts that would have been too large for us before and now as the years tick by we are looking to the future, looking to increase the tipper fleet more and more each year very grateful that we branched into the market all those years ago.




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